Advanced Workflows

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Advanced Workflows

Better Editor

You have the creative, now learn the technical side of editing!

Advanced Workflows is a 12-part course that uses in-depth lessons and tutorials to instill the skills that aspiring editors need to conquer the technical challenges the world of video editing throws at them.  Includes:

  • Computer Setups
  • Ingest & Transcode Workflows
  • Organization & Syncing Strategies
  • Mixed Frame Rate Usage
  • Editing with Scripts and Transcripts
  • Overcutting Techniques
  • Finish Prep & Online Processes
  • Archiving Concepts

Jumpstart your career with the skills agencies and studios demand from their video editors!


Features Adobe Premiere Pro
Closed Captioned

I want this!

Project Files Include:

30GB of Footage
Music Tracks
Sound Effects
Premiere Pro Projects
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